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You are an interesting man

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so you were working in high finance and gave it up to be a "plebe". Some people are like that. I met a woman who worked in Television, had a nervous breakdown from the stress and got religion. Interesting to hear a New York Jewish opinion on the current war and the general international situation. I sympathise that you Americans have suffered alot but I feel that bombing civilians and trying to redraw the map in the Middle East is not the way to be going on. Currently I'm having a mini-crisis myself. I'm doing an accounts job and wonder if I'm selling out my soul or something like that. Worried about becoming too bourgeoius and losing my hippie roots. Will money take me over? Will my 60s become my 70s? Its nice having a bit of money though, I've been skint for years. Maybe I shouldn't talk about this to a stranger, but your background seems relevant (did high finance, but quit to be a "plebe"). Why did you leave? What were your motivations? Do you feel ambivilent about being a cog in the capitalist system?