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I recall specifically admitting that Sadaam's regime is/was bad. I had no illusions that people within Iraq weren't suffering.

I sincerely hope this campaign is as laser accurate as the Defense Dept. promises it will be.

(Shouldn't it be ranamed the "Offense Dept." since we have changed our foreign policy to act pre-emptively anywhere anytime we want?).

I sincerely hope our occupation brings re-assurance and relief the suffering majority of the people of Iraq.

I sincerely hope this huge risk Bush has taken on plays out successfully, and that some freak stray incident doesn't escalate this thing beyond Iraqi borders.

I sincerely hope that civilian casualties are miniscule.
(Not to be morbid, but for those interested you can find independent civilian casualty statistics @

My rub has been with our U.S. foreign policy leaders and I very much align my personal feelings with Knip's Town Hall comments last night...

To suggest that we dissenting voices are somehow dissappointed with the progress of our current operations (so this can end quickly), or dismiss the the suffering and sincerity of those liberated is just spiteful invective.

It again suggests that by speaking our opinions against the foreign policy decisions of this administration that we are somehow less patriotic, somehow less American than yourself.

Funny, I was always taught that questioning and discourse has the hallmark of what it is to be American.