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please, suicide is not necessary

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John, I would encourage you to read "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl if you have not already. There you will find a story full of hope that persists through tragedy. I think that man's ability to rise above the evils that exist in human nature (and I say nature because to only acknowledge part of the wicked people in the world as evil and the rest of humanity as incapable of it is not reasonable) is his glory. To enjoy life in spite of the infinite suffering that it can inflict is a reason to live. There's no need to be a nihilist.

In everything I said does not mean that I believe there is not hope. At best, the frequency of war will diminish. But you look around in the world today, at other people, other countries....and it sadly tells the same story. But I am not inspired by this to die, but to cherish those reasons for living.