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just a ponderance

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if you support the war enough to argue petulantly in favour of it...why not join the forces and get a first hand view, or put your life into your convictions? if you won't fight then all you're doing surely is looking for cover under the wing of the local bully.

don't ask me to support the troops on YOUR terms, if you don't represent your opinions respectful of my terms

knip is in the forces right? and he has expressed some valuable insights, most importantly, doesn't act like a schoolkid getting riled up with the smell of gunpowder and taste of blood. i think a couple people should be ashamed of how they "debate". of course there are assholes arguing from both corners, but seeing people covering their ears and shouting is pathetic, no matter what they're shouting...i know that no one who's lived so long and acts this way is ever going to change until they piss off the wrong person (not that i expect any of the wide-os to be doing anything other than exploiting computor anonymity)

as human beings we stand up tall, but the easiest thing in the world to be is spineless, pathetic and worthless follow close behind.

i'm sickened by the world we live in, everyday i'm astounded more and more at just how disgusting the human race can get