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wanted to post a "clever" "haiku"

warm-tongued / social

missiles, moral, blood:
darkness,ev'rything goes, down
lying economies

/ underlying coercions

but then...splinters ...the massive 48h air attack starts

theory of the thinness of the skin of mind
how people can get mad so easily in the face of mortality
- and just wrap around some embrace, do otherwise irrational things for it.
while a president's shark eyes underline the
would-be soft voice wanting to tell "us" "the world"
it's all done for "us" "our/their good"; oh father..

the - not actually: pearly - chain of shapes of societies
mankind has come to learn invent adapt over the tens of thousands of years
slaves and pyramids headhunters' religions
ways to channel aggressions the songs of need
always optimizing means of/for death with highest priority
thin skin of society to prevent chaos, the lawless space

and i don't want to preach but learnt
that it's the means of production that count: who controls them - worker's class, the ones that create the values
for a given community
and now the earth's crust is so "globalized", shrunk since the plains of the dynosaurs, for the small multiply multiplied mammal dancing against balance,
never riped way from aggression
never learned to deal with distributions poverty wealth
non-synchronous but combined development on reduced ground
water oil soil, time running out, we're good at humiliating,
religious banners substitute in hate help for re-grouping where all and everything could be solved if we could develop means for fair distributions.
But is there still time to re-project power on being content with less, re-shaped "spiritual" values ? IS there really enough for everybody, AIDS, cities, lack of mindful concepts of birth control beyond cowards' interests included ? Still ?
Or have the conditions been rotting away while we behaved not like in the Middle Ages but worse - killing enemies while we don't need to look into the white of his/her eyeballs - clean far-away no scream, surgical.
Isn't it (still) true that it would call for a revolution - and maybe conditions are optimized if there's one and the same
unjust system everywhere. But time is running out, mankind's been too clever too fast in developing greed's expression: the macro-original sin.

What could we do without - IF we were guaranteed it would be for the fair distribution for world's peace - and a clever working-out of the post-capitalist system ?
The council of tribes, happy loin-cloth on internet sensuality.share

politics: stirring all the ugliness humans are capable of
- concerted action, alienation on-line. Ugly: the leader of the Christian Democrats in opposition (in Germany)(Mrs. Merkel) tells the Social Democrats in the government that by their reluctance/even once: promised rejection to follow the US they have actually made the war even the more probable. Foul nonsense but we are as backward that such things can be said - and also we cannot measure the righteousness of the motivation of (certainly not so peaceful) upright Europeans against the war (as the global confrontation is taking shape: US/EU/China - what else).
And on the other hand, in fear of losing votes, most of the Christian Democrats' cowards hesitate to declare themselves openly pro-war.

We're mentally under-developed with high-tech killing apparatus, hiding in long-range, night and computers, and media: blood and screams (and Levi's dust) are dangerously far away. Mutilated.
After decades of what actually is a draw-back (regress) (despite of the peace-movement ? (being confounded but still and even the more without a positive way to change anything profound - so politicians can stop them with their usual litanies of complexities and corruption)) i feel resignated - not in standpoint and opinion but seeing time measurably drift away, and strength decrease: i'm not blind, it feels like a purgatory vision - and SAD.

Maybe really after contemplating the civilians who will be killed again in this war, contemplating the actuality/"realness" of this cruel primitivity in this otherwise so highly praised 21st century, the coolness of building-up plans/interests/fights about resources already:

the facts that actually add to the silent deaths of hunger, AIDS etc., the prolonged deaths of prostitution, drugs (also in the centers of wealth) produced each and every day in power's and resources' / suppressive interests:

the fact humans have learned to improve killing but still have to wait out for the (- by Marx prophesied-) steps of society's development, no short-cut, no insight - still "utopia or oblivion" at stake, Mad Max -
still it apparently has to be up to the very bitter end of capitalism showing its inability to satisfy human needs in a "human" way, without killing lives, quantitatively and qualitatively, the only treasure we once have. And doing it in blindness of ancient interests, no real necessity, in the contrary. And this will be even more deaths, may be a ruined planet, destroyed conditions to recover at all ..

now even a cut through what could have been some step to a required show-down for globalization: the world community of the people in the UN, or even EU ... the laying bare of what is really the agenda: so noble, so honest, Mr. Bush - and the terror that in this he might be right, intelligence corps knows

no "off" button to this kind of economy plundering rape

it's very cold here tonight - You can see Orion and other stellar constellations
i had a bitter taste in me since i was a child
whenever i felt there's nobody there to help 'us'

and maybe even the SF dream that there are others out there
maybe happy having been able to solve that riddle, in other time domains constellations genes probabilistic starting conditions for the game love may be
- is also in vain -
and there is only cold breath death

Communicating is Hope