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yeah, the next colony?- today's events make 911 look like a picnic

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America may be on a roll

the next fear tactic is to attack korea because the US knows they have Weapons of Mass Destruction... they'll convince the American people they are in danger again, use it as an excuse to invade, attack.... ANYwhere? who knows...

maybe that's what's next, now that they have pre-emptively decided they can go in and commit mass murder

do you hear the pound of Indian drums?
can you hear the sound of stun?
what's the matter?
are we numb?

maybe we'll put them all in reservations,
colonize the world

it's the wild west -
American people,
under the regime
of Terrorists

The US Terrorists have committed the most violent act of war imaginable and I've been crying.... this is a sad and frightful day for the world.

They named the attack "Shock and Awe".
Shock and Awe.

I'm in Shock, alright. This makes 911 look like a picnic.

"Awe", another doublespeak word.

Definitions of awe:
* noun:   an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration
* noun:   a profound fear inspired by a deity

I went out to lunch with Clay. We sat at the bar eating seafood chowder. The Blitzkrieg started. My jaw dropped. A Reality TV game show. Nobody looked. People sat eating their lunch like nothing was happening. I cried. Stock exchange rates interrupted the program to announce the good news that oil prices had gone down from $42(?) to $24 a barrel within minutes. Orwell would have been proud to know he was such a seer.

The city is virtually destroyed. No mention, of course, of casualties. American people eat lunch, diverting their eyes to discuss daily office routine. A waiter passed behind the bar, saw I was aghast at the visions I viewed on the screen. Noticed I was crying. He looked up at the TV for a moment, then asked, "Is this happening now?" I said yes. Within a minute, he turned his head from watching and fixed someone a bloody mary. He shrugged. "Yeah, doesn't look so good", he said, "but what can you do?"

I'm embarrassed and ashamed. I am terrorized by this Administration.

Who's next? What territory will the US invade next?
Mass murder. World control? What's next?

I can't write.....

I can't write it all now... i'm in Shock.
I am NOT in Awe.

I am ANGRY! disgusted...... sick .... nauseous....

"We have met the enemy and they is us" - Pogo