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The Politics of Fear...a loose rant

Posted to Poetry and Politics

If your child was diagnosed with cancer tomorrow...would the war matter?

If your best friend was killed in a car accident...would the war matter?

If you won a million dollars...would the war matter?

If you lived in the woods with no TV...would the war matter?

What matters?

What matters is what we feed into...

Does it matter to the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico or the starving in Mauretania?

It becomes a matter of perspective...where are you standing?

Stand back a in to the politics of fear is not healthy, does not promote joy and is a mind stealer. Bad things will happen, they will always happen, no doubt. Personal responsibility for how you choose to feel, and understanding that this is the ONLY thing under your control will lead you to peace. You can only change the world by changing yourself.