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i didn't sound to be leaning towards the "beyond" too much..
by now we're already showing how we're programmed to follow loud leaders, the successful conquerors, afterwards there's no justification required ("polls" say 70% of US citizens are satisfied, entertained ?) - it has/d a biological function.
And others are all too ready to share in the cake like vultures.
But biology will rule us out if we can't apply some mind expansion - share details similarities (see shamatha's post)of living and revolt for economic balancing - cause we're 'sinfully' aberred by neurologic heritage in many ways, and never quite proved our really mindful 'superiority' which placed us, however, into an explosive position.
And 'victory' nevertheless by violence will call for a long-term settlement - but already (since the dam is broken) others make the Kurds suffer by the same bared teeth.
As if the "opening of the East" had not at least been possible by bananas (sic) and economic incentives.. (though not for actual "freedom"..), but it was another bait/enticement, at least, than missiles, occupation by open violence (as an example for this era (?!)).

And now also this confounded care, so orderly, properly.. "poor people" (and they are, in many respects) - we now help them (in our superior ways..), soft voices, which would, on the other hand, would rarely speak against the power installations, bearing all signs of 'righteousness', being more the object of soft admiration for them, the attention they also always have for autist loudness.
Sad again, a complex..
i think 'God' made us to take a position
so, one time, the ensemble will chance evolution,
one way or the other