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Live from Bagdad - the Saga continues...

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The Baghdad Badman refuses to give up. His gang of lieutenants is still behind him. Many of his outter gang have apparently surrendered to The Lone Star Sheriff.

I'm sitting in suspense in front of the tv, tuned in to MSNBC. Live from Baghdad - 8:45pm... the skies are darkened from the oil set fire by the Gang. They're hoping it will make it more difficult for the Sheriff to send in his missiles. Little does the Badman makes no difference. The Sheriff and his loyal Deputy Blair are equipped with the most sophisticated arsenal ever developed. The Sheriff could not have a better armed posse that he has. The precision of this new generation of armaments dwarfs what the Badman saw 12 years ago. The Badman has spent his money foolishly. He may pay for it.

But the Baghdad Badman cannot be brushed off easily. Human life is of little importance to him. He could possibly still use his cache of bio/chem warfare! Gads, that could bring real problems to all concerned...not only the Sheriff but the Badman's own ranchhands. All the useless deaths that could be. We hope neither the Badman nor the Sheriff fuck things up. The Sheriff's posse has been doing well so far.

This being a weekend morning/afternoon, the American people will be tuned in to the next bombing run. The pyrotechnics could be far greater than anything Hollywood could conjure. The old adage "tuth is more spectacular than fiction" ( I fudge),plays well with this live, full-color, media event. The ratings should be amazing!! (hey! where's the commercials..?) Will the fireworks today outdo yesterdays whopper?

"Let's go, Sheriff Dubya!! Let the show begin!!! Yeehaw!!!"