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the point

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The post above was about a man who opposed the war and then began to change his mind when he saw first hand the brutality of Iraq.

my point is that the brutality of Iraq and the war are seperate issues. There was never doubt that Iraq has a very harsh regime. If this is a reason to support war o the country, then why don't we take war to say, Seirra Leone, or Angola, or The Country Formerly Known As Burma, just for instance. These countries kill hundreds of thousands of people a year.

The point is that we are in a war with no justification. If we are there for the people, then we need to know why we are not there for other people. If we are there because they support international terrorism, let's see the links between saddam and terrorists. If we are there for chemical weapons, let's see them, and let's get them back from every other country we sold them to.

If we are willing to let our leaders do whatever they want with our military, then we ARE the german citizens that blindly back their country, and didn't question the disapearance of their jewish neighbors.

If you want to know how a population of ordinary citizens could allow something on the order of the holocaust to take place in the name of their country, look around. This is how.