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Violence for freedom and peace politicking

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Read some posts today and have some thoughts to throw in the mix here. I've been pretty much anti-war all along. Folks have been throwing some claims into the mix about supposed Iraqi petitions with over a million names asking the US to invade, students for shields coming back with video claiming Iraqis are happy to commit suicide through US invasion to avoid Saddam, etc... What this boils down to are some people's claims that a majority or a large portion of Iraq actually wants to be attacked to free them from Saddam, no matter the cost. If these things are ever proven to me, I would probably have to change my stance on the whole thing, but no one has yet done so, despite my asking folks to point me to a reference for their claims. But I would gladly change my mind if shown the proof.

Many would say, and have said, the US doesn't save all the other abused and violated peoples in the world, because they don't have oil, so why support them this time? This is true, but misses the point, I think. If Iraqis want to be freed and are willing to pay the price, what does it matter what the US' motives are? If Iraqis truly want to be freed, I would gladly risk my life to go in and free them from their tyranny, just as I would in other parts of the world. Basically, I'm saying that if I am a freedom-loving person, want freedom for everyone on the planet, then if the US goes in and frees them and they want to be freed, then I am pro-. The US motivation matters a bit, but not much, as long as the result I want to see is achieved.

Because anything else is merely politicking. To NOT free an oppressed people screaming for freedom, because we have not done that elsewhere, is a great campaign slogan, but the poor bastards are still dying in shredders. I mean, what is the point? I will not support attacking in order to free an oppressed people, even if they want me to, unless there is a promise to do that everywhere??? Now we are sacrificing them to achieve our global dreams of individual freedom.

Anyway, I haven't changed my mind yet, although I am open to having it changed. I still regret this war, primarily because the other options haven't been exhausted and the body I would like to see governing this type of behaviour hasn't endorsed the action. Just thought I'd throw this out there for opinions. Anyone got any?