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see, lets not put america on a pedistal
and imagine that all the people that we
go around killing all over the world, for
profit, makes us some how better then
the other less developed nations...

no matter how you cut up the pie
america still has its thumb stuck in the plum

people in postions of power, those thugs that stole
the whitehouse, have a religion of war and oppression
are there because they did a lot of cruel and mean things, do they get a get out of jail free card
just because they have might?

where does the buck stop?
where do we as humans on this planet draw the line?
in the sand of Iraq?

or Vietnam?
where does the bouncing betty stop?
this above 'article' has a clever twist
it seeks to undermind any reasonable ground you stand on, and sort of out left the right, by playing its
own game back on it

too clever!