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1. Conspiracy – Imperial US – the LitnRod theory, world hegemony/menace:
i think it’s not a vague "theory of conspiracy" – but the trivial logic of capitalism’s dynamic:
by law of competition, and condemned to growth and profit, this system can’t help but be oriented towards global success, expand .. and in global strategy, the Iraq region and its economic and cultural/political role isn’t just ‘any’thing, but actually the center of the axis of evil (for the time being, besides perhaps from North Korea), also geographically of top interest. And the ‘show-down of systems’ w/r to Europe and/or China is not ripe yet, but has to be prepared, under the aspect of the role of the decay of the Soviet Union. World Scale Economies. All is narrowing now, nationally no real booms, but unrest in unemployment, debts, saving economies, and even the multi-national corporations..
And, of course, a system like that of Iraq is anachronistic/Middle Aged, contra-emancipatory, cruel, a dictatorship, but above all: it’s not the way to do economics today, a blank spot, hindrance, however/and attractive for repressed people of an important region – oil or not.. Islam. Where accepting the Western way would at once condemn to inferiority, history-less humiliation.
Perhaps systems have to go through the larval states to developed capitalism by violence because capitalism isn’t yet globally able to convince by superiority/offered subsistence – and be then cleaned away. In time ?
(And, by the way, as i already described, i don't think that "France" and "Germany" (interest groups) are peaceful "per se"..)

2. Democracy ? i don’t think that today’s “democracies” actually deserve this designation, as long as so often/much money, correlation with corporations or even if only their kind of thinking/functioning/manipulation/lobby power is involved, and true “rotation” of the “rulers” is just theoretical. (Some say: “if elections could really change something, they would be forbidden.” How far can You really choose between truly different (!) alternatives, ways to live, run the economy (the backbone of living), etc.)

But anyway: i don’t think that You can compare what some radical martyrs/terrorists did (who perhaps dreamt of the reward of a seat in heaven with 24 virgins at hand (Islamist vision)) with what an installed super power as corporate identity is doing – and against the decision of the United Nations which still is progressive force, e.g. having bravely re-ordered devastated/massacred conditions in Eastern Timor, etc. etc., and above all, at least and nothing less: a sign of utopia for the poor countries.
To compare the one crazy desperate suicidal terrorist act (if that was all behind it) with the pre-planned deliberate organized “legal” activity of an empire like the U.S. (and its army of many thousand soldiers; decrees, laws, legal/technical standards of operations etc.) is not appropriate, but seems wrong, especially if it is (falsely) assumed that the U.S. are a (near to ideal ???) democracy. That would mean the same as giving a court the same right as a lynching mob or murdering criminal. It’s the return to (blind) revenge, and/or (proliferation of) violence as means to assumedly legally/righteously pursue “free” interests that feels dangerous, as an inviting option / propaganda as a way of acting in the era of globalization. Instead of seducing by values, wealth, eduation, in/together with the community of nations. If a people feels driven to the borderline of decay and misery, how much more would it feel justified to apply all violence at hand ?! And if a religious justification/reward or dictatorial repression is given in addition/combination…
But perhaps: the actual situation for imperialism is also truly as desperate, the fight about strategic distribution (envisaged to culminate for 2030)..and perhaps the preparation for a common enemy, globally, in “our own” system, isn’t the worst chance, after all – but to propose that while taking into account violence and deaths, the culture of killing.. just cannot be an option, that would be cynical speculation.

3. Bill, i can understand: what can/should one do after having luckily achieved some order/happiness in private life (which is by no means self-understood in the swamps of alienation and fighting for subsistence in that same system being the topic under discussion); and i’ve also felt the seductions of assumedly elite rewards as manager (but escaped like Levi), and discontinued much of political activity since we have to care for our (retarded) daughter. But is that democracy ? – if conditions are like that – and if they not really urge everybody to political participation, not just giving the possibility on all levels (which is not the case, and be it because there is not enough time/opportunity), underlining decentralized actually comprehensible interaction, etc. etc. (so that votes are not given only “in principle” to unknown (in most times corrupt) abstract power politicians .. and are significantly never asked (may be different in Switzerland) whenever truly important matters are at stake: war, the system itself, the Euro, Eastern expansion, banking/insurance options, etc.)

And finally: if there’s fire, there’s also “friendly (!) fire” and mad burning / micro-aggressions (and any other ugly business) supported, why be so surprised …sad