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i'm not denying

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the communal high type thing of protests. it's true. but it's not the only truth. there is a strong case to be made for making a noise about something you believe in. how else are voices going to be heard? especially in the case of school kids walking out to protest - they can't vote, they have no other forum in which to express their opposition to governmental policies.

And the whole thing about whether it achieves anything? i don't think the majority of protestors are so naive as to think that if we bang some bongo drums and chant loudly on a wednesday afternoon in sheffield then the government will do a miraculous U-turn in their policy, but it is so important that Blair knows he does not have the support of the country. It will affect thinking on some level. If everyone just lets the government get on with it, and nobody says no, the license is given for so many things to be swept through under the illusion of apathy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying turning out in the streets is the only form of protest, but I feel strongly it is one way that we can make our voices heard.