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You Are So Wrong

Posted to Poetry and Politics

Perhaps you think it's a better idea to sit inside and watch the sports coverage, er, I mean, the war coverage on TV. Shrug your shoulders, grab a latte, and get on with the important business of shopping and "supporting the troops".

If the importance of people taking to the streets is lost on you, if you think it's all about cultivating a "warm communal feeling", then you obviously haven't studied history, or you've been so co-opted by the mainstream press and the bellicose, self-congratulatory American hubris that passes for commentary and information that you've become little more than a mushroom.

If an alarmed citizenry, with their civil liberties under attack and their government waging an unjust war of Empire, does NOT take to the streets, then in a short decade or so, their right to do so will have been lost.

You'll still have your TV, you'll still have lots of goods to buy, but a wide strip of red, white & blue duck tape will be slapped securely over your mouth and you'll wonder how it happened.