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Spring forward

Posted to Poetry and Politics

at 0100 21 March, Greenwich Mean Time
(plus or minus three minutes)
the sun's declination passed from south
to north, crossing the equator
and thus marking the vernal equinox,
or the beginning of spring.
That's 8 PM 20 March for all you Eastern seaboard types
and 5 AM 21 March for me
or 0500, in navy-speak
plus or minus three minutes

i saw the water change colour
six months of being soothed by the bright green algae
that seems to be everywhere over here
life, food for fish, dolphins everywhere
vegetarians in algae restaurant heaven
which at night provides the bluest of phosphorescence
this sailor has ever seen
and he's seen a lot
i remember the worry, the fear
when the algae turned orange a few days ago
'damn' i thought, 'the fucking guys have put something in the water'
fear leaked to calm as i grew to understand
nature was working
the dolphins are leaving, genes unseen telling them
it's time to move on
the jellyfish have moved on, what else they eat i don't know
but they sure like the algae - our engineers work day and night
cleaning alage and jellyfish from the filters
they'll appreciate the break
today i saw seasnake skin, far as the eye can see
a persian seasnake looks exactly like a rattler
except shorter and a bit fatter
plus they live on the ocean, and their venom is bad too
there is friggin dead skin everywhere
i don't pretend to understand the interrelationship
but with spring here, algae dying, snakes shedding
it sure feels like life is renewing itself

oddly, i'm put at ease somewhat
with my immediate world changing i sense some slice of hope
some inner belief, that the vicious events surrounding me
can subside, that people can renew themselves
we can turn away from genetic traits
or perhaps listen to and follow them
i'm not sure the jury ever looked at that side of the story

spring, come wash my breath away
weighed down like oxen, crossing the Great Plain
lift this ache, this burden, this road
(i shall live to see a better day)
strip away my skin, like nature
i want to re-emerge, reborn, refreshed
i want to prove scientists wrong
like animal i urge, i respond, my father's and theirs
urges to live

'give me light, give me hope'
'there's a shooting star tonight'
killing is not a genetic trait
living is