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Thanks. I haven't had any poetry published except in my high school newspaper -- and that was just a long version of what I first printed at LitKicks, "Afternoon."

My primary interest is short stories. I have one short story posted in Intertext called "I am Retarded." I am not too happy about the version that appears in InterText -- it's too joky. As we discussed, I constantly change everything, and the story is now much improved.

Levi Asher, btw, has two stories posted in that literary e-magazine, "Jeannie Might Know" and "The Thieves."

I have had about 40 non-fiction articles published in Buddhist magazines. Most of the articles were in "Zen Unbound," and "eDharma," two online publications that are no longer in business.

I'll check out v.m. and perhaps send them somehting this weekend.

You should certainly send your poems around. I was surprised that your poems were not in the premier issue of dcjo, but I see your artwork was featured instead.