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very strange indeed. who created this ruse?

it just seems to me that war, that invading, that going in there with guns and blowing the place up is such an archaic approach. it seems to me as viable and useful as going over to my own enemy's house and throwing rocks thru the windows or blowing the place up. such behaviour is guaranteed to cause more trouble than it can solve, isn't it? it'll surely cause more hard feelings than resolution, and turn my rivals' leering competitiveness into an unstoppable hatred, if nothing else.

as far as we've come in international and just plain human communications, in this day and age, doesn't it just seem that we'd straighten this whole thing out faster by sending Oprah over there? surely she can enlighten all parties involved, provide a kleenex to their tearful confessions of jealousy, feelings of inferiority and veiled threats, maybe even get them to hug and go home with makeovers and free professional counselling sessions. don't you think?