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Levi, I also know what you're saying. But some of your historical information is shaky. The troops were beginning to return home with Nixon's policy of Vietnamization. It was actually LBJ who was the warmonger.

However, I do agree that the Vietnam protests achieved something. I feel, though, that this is not the case today. The anti-war cause is not as widespread or well-formed, and many of the protesters are there, as I say, because of vanity. The process of 'having your voice heard' isn't good in itself. It's what you do with that voice. I feel that today's protesters are not making many good points at all in their anti-war campaign, and I would like some of the leaders of the community to say some intelligent things, rather than kids on the street doing whatever the hell they're doing. I think that if you haven't thought about war deeply, and haven't thought much about why you're marching, don't do it, because it makes us left-wingers look stupid.