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Perhaps you haven't participated in the latest rounds of anti-war actions

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Or perhaps there aren't any where you live ... but in the major US cities (NY, San Fran, Chicago, and in other, smaller protests around the country), the crowds have NOT been limited to, or even mostly, college "kids" and high schoolers.

In fact, one of the aspects of the opposition to this war is precisely the fact that it transcends any one or two particular groups. That is to say, it is wide-ranging and represents a vast array of people: young, old, students, professionals blue collar, labor people, gay/lesbian, ethnic minorities, etc.

Judging from your post, you sound like a young person (perhaps high school?). I would urge you to take part, get involved, overcome your sense of hopelessness. You may be surrounded by the "ignorant and blind" but that just makes your job of opening minds & eyes a little bit harder.

If your community isn't listening to high school kids, figure out a creative, innovative way to get your message out. Organize your fellow students. Organize an Ice Cream Lick-Off in your local mall, link arms and march around and around your local church wearing black armbands, hold a "die-in" in the lobby of the local movie theater. Attract attention in a unique fashion (but shun violence, it's contrary and turns people away rather than for your cause). People WILL take notice if you can figure out a way to catch their attention and take you seriously.

Don't give up, don't shut up, don't admit defeat, don't stop writing, shouting, creating art.