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Here's a bloc of voters that should rise up in 2004

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A friend of mine (an American) wrote this to me from Berlin where he currently lives:

"A note on the war: my niece has a chronic illness and no health
insurance. She needs care but can't afford it. A year's worth of health
insurance would cost about $3600. There are at least 30 million
Americans who, like her, are directly threatened by a lack of health
coverage. To provide 1 year of coverage for 30 million Americans without
health insurance would cost $1.08 billion. The Bush administration is
spending $100 billion or more to deal with a indirect, theoretical,
temporary threat to Americans. The same money would provide 100 years of
protection to 30 million Americans who live in constant danger.

The mystery is that these unprotected Americans have not risen up to
demand protection. I can't explain it."

I can't explain it either. It seems to me that there are a lot of people across America getting shafted (and just wait 'til the Bush tax cuts go through).

How can these people be organized into a unified bloc that can contest the next election? What's keeping them "patriotic" and "supporting the president"??