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benightedness and apathy

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i'm new here. this is the first thread i've read, at least recently. and i must say it reads like a paean to apathy.

all this, "the protesters are clueless and marginal," "the war is a fait accompli, so get used to it," "protest has achieved nothing," seems like a weak justification for abdicating from participatory democracy (which is what most of you seem to advocate).

this is symptomatic of a long-term trend in american politics: increasing voter/civic apathy. the right to vote is only acted on by about a third of the electorate. another 50% seem to whine about the situation alot, but are fatalistic and dismissive of their role in democracy. needless to say, this lets the truly motivated take over the country, which is why it's run by corporations and the "christian right."

this protest movement is worldwide and has grown at a rate that exceeds any such movement in history. it is the largest manifestation of its kind in the history of the world. those of you who dismiss it as ineffectual, benighted, delusional, vanity and so on deny yourselves the opportunity to observe history-in-the-making. because - if i may paraphrase allez - you aren't going to see this on tv.

the basic issue on the table is whether or not this form of participation has any value or relevance. duh! when you get 200,000 people marching and making themselves heard, it has an impact (sitting at home complaining DOES NOT). whether or not the shrub pays attention, alot of other people are. to deny this is a feeble excuse for not taking part in democracy. my feeling toward this sort of apathy is sometimes "you get what you deserve," but why do you have to drag others through the mud by not voting or participating?

and that business about blocking the streets and causing a disturbance, what an unmitigated crock. if good traffic flow is more important to you than democracy, i am at a loss to comprehend.