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Okay, fair enough

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Thanks for the clarification, guess I'm being overly sensitive.

Of course you're right, and when both my friend and I stated that we couldn't explain why those people (the 30 million w/out health care) don't rise up and demand change, I suppose the simple answer of "they have no leader" didn't occur to me.

But I think it's deeper than that. While healthcare is not my particular issue, I'm sure there are activists and perhaps even some politicians raising that as a serious issue, one that needs solving. I don't know, however, of anyone organizing a platform around it.

30 million people is a lot of people, though.

Unfortunately, I think one of the reasons that these folks don't "rise up" (or even make a squawk), is that they're co-opted by mass media. I have no statistics to back up my claim, nothing more than a cynical sense of things, but my feeling is that people are kept distracted by Television and consumer goods and the irrelevencies of pop culture. People are too busy watching the damn tube to think for themselves!

I read an excerpt of a Saudi editorial that was printed just after the war started and it had a great line:

"...people sufficiently supplied with bread and games will put up with anything".

Sigh. Peace, BP -