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“George Orwell’s 1984 is thinkcrime.

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Orwell duckspeak crime think Ingsoc. Protagonist doubleplusungood old thinker Winston Smith. Winston loves Big Brother. Winston works for Minitrue. Winston did think crime. Winston did plusthinkcrimewise. Winston goodsexed. Orwell described Ingsoc doubleplusgood.
Winston lived good in Oceania. Crimestop. Orwell misreport Winston good thinker and goodsexer. Winston thinkcriminal then would be good thinker. This essay says Ingsoc doubleplusgood.

Mans is Ingsoc. This implies good thinking. Ingsoc is mans and process of good think. World of 1984 is Oceania. Winston lives in Oceania. Winton lives Ingsoc. Ingsoc is Party and proles. Ingsoc is goodthinkful Inner Party and goodthinkful Outer Party and proles.
Party is Party. Proles are proles. Inner Party rules Ingsoc: thinkpol doubleplushelpwise. think crime. Brotherhood doubleplusungood opposes Party. Oceania has Ingsoc. Winston is think criminal. Winston is old thinker. Winston healthful. Oldthinker Winston does think crime, joins Brotherhood. Brotherhood is Goldstein. Ingsoc structured by Ingsoc. Winston proofread news prevent malreport. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Eurasia doubleplusgood ally.

Thinkpol save Winston from thought crime. Worst ememy of Winston is thinkpol friend of Winston. Good Ingsoc Winston saved ungoodness. O’Brien, Winston’s savior, takes personal charge of Winston’s salvation. Individual needs Ingsoc. Winston tried sexcrime with thinkcrimminal. Party gives Winston mercy. Winston wins, becomes good thinker.

Orwell shows thoughtcrime destroys Ingsoc. Ingsoc victory goodthink. Winston looked in mirror and saw penalty of thought crime. Told thinkcrime doubleplusungood. Winston good thinker. Oceania objective is Ingsoc.

1984 is thinkcrime. It is duckspeak. Warning to preserve Oceania.
We will liquidate thinkcrime.”