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apples and oranges

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"...didn't live in a republic."

"And there's a huge difference between a demonstration & a revolution."

That wasn't really the point. The post I responded to seemed to advocate a shift away from loud, vocal and proactive demonstrations at times when feelings run high. In a brief response written in a rare spare moment, I reached for a glib (quasi) analogy likely to elicit, in turn, a further response. I felt that this was in context. Many posters here very obviously dash off quick responses and aim for humorous and/or provocative effect. It just doesn't have the look and feel of a serious debating platform (i.e. no links to reams of supporting evidence)

Anyway, sure - apples are apples, oranges are oranges. Of course. Slipping into po-faced mode, I'd have to agree. But I really wanted to underline the point that talk of petitions and gentle expressions of mild concern sound weak and uninteresting when the issues are emotive - be it a case of being oppressed oneself or be it concern about OTHER people's kids and conscipts being killed.

As I write this a thought occurs. Demonstations are not revolutions. But the distinction can be fuzzy. Where would you place the Velvet Revolution the Czech Republic and the actions of Solidarnosc in Poland? Revolutions? Hmmm they don't fit the bill. Demonstration? Yes, but sometimes violent and, eventually, contributing to regime change. Here I can guess at your response: "Ah, but they weren't living in a republic". Sir, almost any republic on this planet compare favourably with the USA in terms of:
1) human rights
2) true freedom to express any opinion without fear of being shouted down
3) electoral standards (in terms of the popular vote being accurately translated into how power is apportioned
4) electoral standards (in terms of openness and fairness of procedure)

Enough. I need to catch a train.

Apples & oranges