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Conspiracy theories and Bush

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U.S. foreign policy for the past eighteen months has been heavily tied to the September eleventh attacks on the U.S. by al-Qaeda. The war in Afghanistan crippled al Qaeda, and as such, made some degree of sense to me (although maybe not long term), whereas the war against Iraq, with no proven al Qaeda link, is much harder to justify, in my opinion. But isn't it true that 9/11 is the prerequisite basis for both actions, since it's unlikely either action would or could have been pursued without 9/11?

So if Bush/Cheney is now executing a plot to get rich at the expense of the world, then it must follow that Bush/Cheney also knowingly created the basis to justify/enable their plan, and if you believe in such a conspiracy, hatched at the outset of Bush's term or even before, then doesn't it imply you also believe that Bush/Cheney somehow created the 9/11 disaster, or allowed it to happen? Although I disagree with almost all of Bush's policies, I have a hard time believing he and Cheney are capable of this level of greed and contempt for human life. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?