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i do not understand most of this attack. let me clear some things up:

I never said anything about traffic disturbance.

I am all for people voting. In my country, Australia, voting is compulsory, and I see this as a good thing. Your gripe about american politics does not relate to my statement.

Just because its history in the making doesn't mean I should participate in it. Fascist rallies were also part of history in the making and were large crowds, but I hate them to hell.

It is important that 'the shrub' notices, because that's the only practical reality for the people of Iraq right now, who are getting the shit bombed out of them.
Having other people notice doesn't seem to change much, particularly when the majority is in favour of war.

But most importantly, I am in favour of participating in democracy. Does this mean I have to march in protests and rallies? Why can't people think of more creative ways to achieve change? Like Michael Moore's speech. That was clever. Vain perhaps, but it would have changed some things. Who you vote for also helps. But I don't see what the protests are doing, and I question the motives of a large number of protesters.