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Sept 11 was just a lucky break for the DC Regime

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As cynical and resigned to the evil inherent in the Bush regime as I am, I cannot bring myself to accept the idea that they somehow "knew" that 9/11 was going to happen.

However, I cannot help but think, once it did happen, that the whole gang at the New American Century group felt that a tremendous stroke of good fortune had befallen them. Voila! Just like that, a REASON to implement their nefarious plan for US Global Domination. War in Afganistan post-9/11? That's an easy sell. Oust Saddam? A harder sell but look where we are. What's next?

Try this scenario. It's spring 2004 and the election is heating up. Iraq is being administered by the US and is now the base for a couple hundred thousand US troops. Ominous warnings emerge from the CIA about possible Iranian ties to recent "terrorist" attacks on the US forces in Iraq. "Evidence" for such ties is produced.

Tensions escalate. Rumsfeld & Cheney & Bush declare Iran to be an imminent National Security threat. Electoral politics and discussion of the terrible economy & the costs of the Iraq war are buried under an avalanche of Fear, Lies, and Patriotic hubris.

An "incident" occurs in September 2004. Bush declares that Iran has attacked the US via their sponsorship of "terrorists" and that the US "must act" to "defend the American people".

We invade Iran, Bush's approval rating soars, he's re-elected in a landslide, and it's four more years.

That's my conspiracy theory.