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An Artists' Petition Against the War in Iraq

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An Artists' Petition Against the War in Iraq

Recently, a group of writers and artists with their point of origin in Portland, Oregon ( near my birthplace)led by SF writer Ursula K. Leguin, circulated ( during a peace walk) an interesting petition, later broadcast by Internet around the world. Here is the petition ( I particularly like and agree with the first two sentences):

The Petition

Artists have both the ability and the moral obligation to combat deceit and distortion. It is this ability to illuminate even difficult truths that defines an artist.

Truth has been one of the casualties of the "War on Terrorism". Assassinations, bombings, and chemical and biological attacks, whether perpetrated by individuals or states, are crimes. They should be dealt with by the rule of law, and not by the use of indiscriminate force. With this in mind, we condemn the US "War on Terrorism" and call upon both the US government and the "anti-terrorist" coalition to end this war, which benefits no-one but those who are making money from it, and which is sowing the seeds of future terrorism and violence.

The "War on Terrorism" is now being used to justify further US aggression against the people of Iraq. Such aggression would lead to a high civilian and military death toll and a further deterioration of the situation in the Middle East.

* We call upon the United States and the United Nations to lift all economic sanctions on Iraq.

* We call upon the United States and its allies to abandon preparations for war against Iraq.

* We call upon the United States, Iraq, and all other countries to refrain from developing and deploying weapons of mass destruction.

* We call upon Iraq to allow the resumption of weapons inspections, and upon the United States to allow these weapons inspectors to operate independently rather than as a projection of US interests.


The Undersigned

For more information about the petition, and to sign it by email, go to: