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Hey george,U and your buttpal Sadaam..

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can get fucked..mine is a world of peece and luv and a daring resolve to keep it that way...My TV dissallows any convenient ignorance to our state of affairs,just as your historically myopic mind fuck prevents you from evolving as well..there is no god here..never was.. just a few capable minds ready to receive the next hint of progression and strides toward the dissolution of what was supposed to be only a stain on the fate of mankind..war has been done..oil has been wasted at the pump,blood spilt by the barrel,children burned collaterlarily for generations..There is no peace-nic diatribe available to cure our woes in a paragraph of well worn words..Go ahead bomb the fuck outta hussein,go ahead ,let harsh chemicals choke soldiers to death..I only hope that this foray into small thinking is the last or prelude to the last...We've drafted dolphins into our hate,why not have them deliver munitions while they're at it..I can only hope that we are not the frontrunners in the deliverance of lifes immeasureable gift..a quality obviously so beyond our best thinking and reasoning..
The word "humanity" has become synonymous with nigger and kike and fag and slope and wop and cunt and whatever other ugly derogatory spite we can muster..every one of which I can happily use on a daily basis without shame because my sense of humor has remained intact...Fuck you if you feel otherwise..and certainly fuck me if I don't listen...