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I didn’t write this
This came from the cliff notes,
its from the end where two essay are compared...
one in english and one in newspeak.
I find that after I read a book
Reading the cliff notes helps me understand it a little better
By widening my point of view … kinda like Nietzsche says with his ‘Perspectivism’.
(his idea that there is no privileged, objective, absolute, “God’s eye” view of the world or human affairs.)

I think its like there is this thing in the middle of a circle and we all are standing around on the outside …
And “It’ is in the inside. With ‘Perspectivism’ a person would look at things not only from their point of view but would walk around the circle and ask others what it is that they all see and then form a more encompassing point of view.

I personally love cliffs notes … sometimes they can really bring things into a new light... the more I go over these things the deeper they become apart of my view.

watch listen learn ... burn burn burn