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sexy weapons and rippling soldiers

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Does anybody else think that the media has become a war porn industry? All music and flash leading to climax....all the sexy weapons and rippling soldiers... It's funny to look at the role of the war reporters these days too.
Let's go back a bit...Ernie Pyle was not about sex...humanity might be closer to it.
In Vietnam, Herr and the like might have "eroticized" things a bit, but he may not have been typical and in many ways, that side of his "dispatches" has more to do with despair and escapism than now.
What I'm trying to get at is this, are war correspondents become "stars," all glammed up, pimping out the war???
These times should be much more sober; but, subconsciously, it gets a little hard to keep in that frame of mind when some young, attractive person (all smiles and such) is reading the news on CNN. Could they maybe have at the bottom of their screens something like [b]"NOT a simulation; The persons shown are real, and they are actually bleeding, crying and dying"?[/b]

I dunno. It's Eros and thanatos all mixed up together, with money as the lubricant. I find it revolting to look at the TV these days, more revolting than usual. The way this war is being glitzed up and branded ("Baghdad Burning" is my current anti-favorite tag line) TV is bluring the line between reality and fantasy in a most disturbing way. It's a cliche, but the coverage looks like a movie, which means only that Hollywood has prepared us for this with ever-elevating levels of gore and violence and moral oversimplification.