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Reasons for Going to War with Iraq

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The primary reason for the United States going to war with Iraq, of course, is national security. September 11 was a clarion call that America faces a new threat, a threat perhaps even more dangerous than the Soviet Union. That threat is Islamo-fascism.

Now due to a successful campaign in Afghanistan, the Taliban is no more, and Al-Qaeda was largely disrupted. However, it is not enough to simply go after the terrorists themselves, we must also change the conditions that breed them.

The reality is that Muslims are no different than any other group of people, in that when a society is run by tyranny, when there is no economic, social or civil liberty, this breeds frustration, poverty, alienation, and fear. The people in these countries, rather than look to themselves as the cause of their problems, instead need a scapegoat, an enemy, which the dictator is always happy to provide.

Take the issue of the Palestinians. The Arabs have six million square miles of land. They could give their Palestinian brothers a state tomorrow, and with one day's oil profits give every one of them a bar of gold. Instead, the Arab dictators prop up Arafat and his loathsome gang of oppressors, and brainwash their people to be pure monsters. When mothers happily send their children off to bomb buses and schools, this is not based on any rational grievance. No, this is endemic of a sick, utterly immoral, anti-life culture that serves only one purpose: to keep tyrants in power.

For the last 50 years, Israel has been the shock absorbers for Western Civilization, taking the blows, fighting the fight. But Islamic fundamentalism has escalated this war into a global clash of civilizations. It's similar to the Cold War in that it is Freedom vs. Statism, but what makes it even more dangerous is that Islamic terrorists are so utterly irrational, so willing to kill just for the sake of killing. This menace must be stopped.

So the best reason for going to war with Iraq is that it is time to start draining the swamp of Islamo-fascism. If we see this through, not just the toppling of Saddam, but the rebuilding of Iraq as a free republic, then it is our hope that it will become a paragon of hope for that benighted region.

This is the only way we will ever achieve real national security. But it is more than just about our safety. It is about the moral duty of the greatest country in the history of this planet, the United States of America, to bring freedom to all corners of the globe. We are the only ones capable of doing it. So to all the Iraqi men, women and children who at this moment are being tortured in Saddam's prisons, we have one thing to say to you: The cavalry is on its way.

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