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Why The Hell?

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Why do so many people have intense opinions about things?

I guess to further my point, I need to be more specific:

On this board, (well, all over the world, I suppose) people rage and argue and fight out their incredibly passionate and defined opinions about the war which is waging in the Middle East right now.

My problem is that it seems to me that a healthy portion of these people arguing are just spouting things they've HEARD or WATCHED on television or in newspapers.

The media is OWNED, folks. So essentially, there's rarely a critical and unbiassed report to base an opinion on. What you see and base your opinions on is fed to you, so much more than you seem to realize.

How can you so readily hate a country or an individual, when you've never been there, you've never met the person, and you haven't tried to critically and purposefully investigate THEIR media and THEIR side of the story?

In reference to the present situation: YES, it certainly seems that Iraq has used their media as propeganda for their people. But doesn't that glaringly suggest that the same might be happening to you right now?

A prime example, in my opinion, is how so many people in the United States seem to think that the hatred which other countries harbor for the US stems from jealousy or an inability to appreciate freedoms and such... Either that, or many never even stop to consider the motive, because it's never properly discussed in any US media. If someone tries to travel the world and understand anti-America sentiment from different points of view, the most common answers are "blind patriotism", "political arrogance", and most commonly, from the third world- an examination of the American foreign policy which threatens and hurts their nations. So it's a little tiring to hear so many people in the 1st world spouting what they've gobbled from their own media propeganda.

I guess I'm just sad to see so many people fiercely taking sides on something which I would suggest they've no real education on...

Patriotism is a beautiful thing, if it's informed and if it comes from people who not only support their government, but who also criticize it.

Patriotism is not a beautiful thing when it is so blindly applied to supporting a massive propeganda machine.

I have great pity and sadness for the countless thousands who are committing themselves to something they've been convinced is full of glory and "what's right". My heart goes out to the soldiers, and I buy into the general American plea for support. However, I am getting really tired of listening to people on this site who so angrily and readily suggest that "Now's the time to show support" to a government who they seem to know nothing about.

I guess I'm all over the place in this.

My mission: I would love to see discussions about politics come from people who have taken the time to surf other countries' news websites, from people who have taken the time to examine their own government's foreign policies and media agendas, and from people who try to look outside the box, to take a critical perspective before blindly settling on an opinion.

One more little item I'd like to throw in as a disclaimer: For the Americans who read this, please don't think I'm bashing you or your friends. On the contrary, I meet and am friends with many Americans. I am desperately in love with an American. I work for an American company, and I travel the United States constantly. The United States has produced some fine thinkers and courageous people. I have great hope and faith that the general American public will rise to a point where an ethical system will integrate itself into the blinding sides of its media and education systems. It gives me great comfort to see potential instigators of such a movement, right here on LitKicks.

Finally, folks, I am not on a moral highground here. I too get heated and passionate when people are dying. And I certainly have made my own blind statements in political arenas. But I'm trying to wise-up, I promise...