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well gordon (take two)

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i mostly agree with what you're saying... and i've posted part of my reply on utterances to appease your attention-getting ways (hah, you know i'm joking... i am... or am i?)


for my second half, let's discuss this:
"I would love to see discussions about politics come from people who have taken the time to surf other countries' news websites, from people who have taken the time to examine their own government's foreign policies and media agendas, and from people who try to look outside the box, to take a critical perspective before blindly settling on an opinion."

sure, that may be nice, but i think it's a little a) idealistic and b) exclusionary. i think there are a lot of people who can examine their opinions and thoughts as well as discuss issues without having read every bit of news or information. because really, i think it's beyond whose policy is doing what and more about people on a more general level. opinions vs. facts? do they go hand in hand or should the former be removed?

i would say there are a lot of people, not just here but everywhere a "discussion" is taking place, who are more interested in *being* right than in actually discussing and listening.

who knows... i hate everything.