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tend to become comfortable in their own righteousness. It is not that they believe everying the propoganda machines tell them, it is that they simply don't care about any facts or concepts that make them question their longheld belief that were instilled (brainwashed?) into them from early childhood. The most interesting and objective perspectives on the war (and other foreign policy, for that matter) usually come from those who live in the United States, but were schooled in other parts of the world. They understand the good aspects of America (democracy, freedom of religion, freedom of speech...until recently, etc) but they also have the worldview that you are talking about. They are not blinded by what you aptly called blind patriotism (which Hitler used masterfully to persuade a nation that murdering 6 million people was "a good thing").

It is just sad that nationalism overrides what we all have in common, our place as equal souls here on earth