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Has it ever occurred to any of the hand-wringing numb-nuts on this board that War is as human as eating, sleeping, shitting, and fucking?

Our propensity for War is our edge. It's what got us to the top of the food chain, and what keeps us there.

War is a part of us all. War is what defines history. Peace is simply a brief interval between War. War is when the most significant technical and medical advances occur.

When we finally do reach the stars and encounter other life forms, who's betting that the encounter will be peaceful? Will we counter aggression by crossing our legs and chanting at them like that prancing faggot Ginsberg? Good luck. Most likely they too got to the stars because they were good at War.

William Burroughs once said that, "The history of this planet is the history of war. The only thing that gets a homo sapien up off his dead ass is a foot up it. And that foot is war."

And finally, how many of you peaceniks out there are glued to the television getting your fix? How many of you secretly wish you were there?

War? Because we like it!