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right on...Your post has alot of truth in it..war has been one of the busiest little bees in shaping our fortunes as can anyone deny that..the converse is also true...humankinds propensity for aggression,after we became self aware(thats another thing entirely)has been a huge detriment to our intellectual and ethical progression..what we are supposed to be progressing toward is open for debate..all I'm saying in response is that everything in our existence has needed to happen exactly the way it has to get us to precisely where we're at..I happen to fancy myself a handwringing peacenic who imagines that all we have is the moment and our indescretions up to this point can be tools for learning.History is not doomed to repeat itself if the future is borne by enlightened souls with a capacity to learn from mistakes and in posession of minds larger than our well worn trigger fingers..If,and I'm sure it was,your vitriolic little diatribe was intended merely to raise hackles and illicit a reponse you already knew you would get,bravo.Pissing in the punch is one of my favorite hobbies..Of course, war mongering for effect around these parts is like shooting fish in a barrel and does little more than illuminate your dim myopia..If you think embracing peaceful solutions to conflict is a sign of weakness(like that prancing faggot Ginsberg)I'll gladly meet you intellectually (or otherwise)in any forum you choose and happily tear you a shiny brandnew asshole so you can lob insults with the more attractive of your two ends..Peece..G