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Let me say...

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...that I apologize to anyone who took my post as a personal attack on anyone on this board. It was not. felonious was maybe closest to the mark. Yes, I was trying to get a response. The rest of you need to get yourselves a JDAM bolt on kit. Perhaps your "insights" about me will be closer to the target. And let me also pay my deepest posthumous respects to Mr. Ginsberg.

Now to answer the question.

I don't believe the antiwar movement is strong. If it were, it would be effective. I'll agree that world opinion is the administration's biggest battle. But again, where's the assault? Most nations who matter are keeping conspicuously quite. This war will all be over relatively soon - probably months. Then world opinion will mean nothing. Because who'll be able to argue with success.

I feel the pain of war as much as anyone. In fact I've been affected by war, albeit indirectly, more than you all might think. None of that changes the facts though. I'll think with my brain, not my emotions.

If our species goes beyond war on this planet, then we'll simply become interstellar food.

I love you all.