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Vote Moore in '04!

Posted to Poetry and Politics

I just downloaded and watched Michael Moore's speech at the Oscars and the Press conference afterward.
If you can get your hands on it, see the press conference. My respect for this man grows and grows.

Earlier I was watching the BBC News and at a peace rally in London, Harold Pinter, one of my favourite playwrights, made a very moving speech, calling down the war and the Bush/Blair administrations with some harsh words.

It's so necessary to see this side of things. I wish more people would turn the channel. I really wish that both sides of this argument were given equal airtime in all the media. I wish the majority was given the opportunity to see all sides, but when ever I catch CNN or ABC's (or any of them) take on things, I am saddened. I hear many puppies lapping at the bowl and wagging their contented little tails.