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yep, fer sure

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in fact, cbc posted something curious today about comments of the american ambassador in canada... something about being "terribly disappointed" with canada's lack of support for the usa during this war. however, he went on to assure us that canada's "like a brother" and all relations will be kept healthy and happy. of course, he made sure to say that, because currently he's on a tour of the canadian power plants in northern bc. you see, the usa buys a bunch of their power from us... they're trying to encourage a collaborative in north american power. hmmm... kinda makes me suspicious. 'course, you can always take stifler's mom's harsh sarcastic approach from the other day too- and examine the precious shortage of fresh water in just about the whole world... except canada. hmmm... seems to me we're gonne be pretty needed for power and water soon... hmmm... wonder what corners ole george dubya will manage to cut in cross border diplomacy?!?!?

hehehe. perhaps a little far out, but i like to examine the many possibilities... hehehe.