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you know lots of these women?

i'm not suggesting it doesn't happen, because i've known a man who had first hand experience in one such example of human depravity.

however, he and i have also known countless (the majority, for sure) of proud, happy women in islamic culture who simply understand that in their religion, each gender has a role. what "we" in the "liberated", christian west world consider to be sexist and chauvenist, they often consider proper. it's part of their religion- no more awful or unjust than the many disgusting aspects of christianity, or any other insistent religion.

these examples of clitoral circumcision and public beatings are the very rare and sad cases of despicable human behavior.

they also happen to be the very examples so often used and paraded in front of the ignorant american public whom we're trying to propegate and influence, like yourself. it's working well to brainwash a nation. incidentally, are you aware that about 90% of american media is owned by jews? no wonder there's rarely any news stories which are sympathetic to islamic or palestinian concerns...

have you ever been to the middle east? do you have any close friends from syria or lebanon or iraq or iran or saudi arabia or jordan or isreal? i do. quite a few.

certainly life isn't easy there, and there are cases of terrible governments and regimes and horrible crimes. however, according to most of the population over there, the worst and most common crimes are committed by foreign governments who fuck with their way of life. read a bit, try to learn before spouting such cliche nonsense.

the horrors which you describe do happen, and that sucks, i know. but before worrying about those horrors, why not take a moment to examine the horrors created by your government's foreign policies. trust me: they are many, they are often sub-human, and they are common. you just don't hear about them because you're so busy chomping down on your own government and media's chow.

sorry to be harsh, but honestly dude- you're not helping any problem. you're adding to the biggest one of all.