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pretend we're on the opposite side of the world, having this discussion in reverse. your previous post might have looked like this:

African Americans everywhere would probably agree with you, if they weren't so busy being beaten and cheated and dismissed because of rampant racism. Or perhaps the victims of all the gun shootings in America would agree with you, except that they're dead by the hands of their own countrymen. Or maybe you will get the agreement and support of the Vietnam vets who are now starving and living on the streets because their government provided NOTHING for them after they came back from another futile war. Or you should ask for the support of the roving millions of citizens who cause environmental disaster so they have a more convenient "clean up" after mopping their kitchen floors, or their husbands who step on their friends and brothers' heads to get their latest promotion so they can have a newer and fancier SUV to further ruin the environment and gulp up the few remaining fossil fuels. Yup. Informed western gluttons would probably agree with you about how much better life is on their souls in the west...

well, it's a stretch, but it's just as ridiculous of an example of culture as yours.