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Hey ironhands

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I'm just curious, but when did you start opposing Saddam Hussein, or take such an interest in his nefarious rule?

Last summer when Bush started harping on it?
In 1998 when he kicked out the UN inspectors?
In 1990/91 when he invaded Kuwait and precipitated the first Gulf War?
In the mid 80s when he was "our man in Baghdad" and the US conveniently looked the other way while he gassed the Kurds?

I'm just trying to get some perspective on your activism.
Do you work with any progressive groups that oppose Saddam (and no, the US military doesn't count as "progressive")? Have you attended vigils, sit-ins, demonstrations, taken part in civil disobedience?

I'm also wondering what other regimes are currently on your radar screen for condemnation? Where else does evil lurk?