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Sylvia Plath

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Dear Auralove, 4/1/03

I took a short course on her at one of the best colleges in my area. The course was given by a little nun, who was ghastly in stature, so it made the lecture series more exciting. She spoke about many abstracts of the life of Sylvia Plath, she was indeed tortured, she was brilliant which makes things even worse. But, she loved her husband, even though they were two very different people. She was also deeply distrautht over thier differences.

She wrote the Bell Jar, which I briefly remember reading, but that was over 30 or some odd years ago. The course covered her psychological state of mind, mostly absurb morbid, but always discussing her inner demons, it must have taken a lot of gut to be willing to share the dark trenches of ones own undoing. I think she is a class act, anyone who can be in that much pain and write about has to be a genius.