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her first book

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was "the blindfold", and i liked it a lot

yes, you are right, her style is very similar to auster's;
"the blindfold" bears strong resemblances to his pared-down early novels of new york city, but to me, that just made it more intriguing to read, as paul auster is one of my favourite writers as well... and to feel thoughts take shape like his do, to sense the certain light, the certain twilight shades he creates with his writing, unfold in a female voice, through a woman's mind, was great experience, intense reading to me.
"the blindfold" is a story of obsession, told in a crystal-clear, yet feverish, live wire prose.

her new novel "what i loved" is disturbing, tense, creeping underneath the skin - every sentence is thought through, there are no random words. two artist couples - two lives... from highest bliss to deepest despair both experience peaks and abysses. death and birth, sex and livelyness, loss, flux, transvestism, told in a very held-back, yet extremely powerful voice.

and the image of leo playing the game of rearranging the objects in his drawer as though he'd be creating alternative narratives through association is superb... memory like a narrative itself, edited by language...