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Alice's Restaurant...

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...starring Arlo Guthrie was on one of the cable movie channels the other night.

This is a must see movie for anyone interested in 60's counter-culture, with folk music, grass, microbus, long hair, anti-war, communal, avoid the draft, etc. threads mainlining through it.

Got me to thinking, though. Was being against the war in Vietnam in the sixties the same as being against the war today in Iraq? It took years for the anti-war movement to build against the Vietnam war. And perhaps it was justified given the political and military bungling coupled with the lack of commitment to win - just dragged on and on. I'm not sure where I would have stood had I been of age in those days. I know where Arlo stood. And in watching the movie, somehow I found myself sympathetic.

Today it seems as though the anti-war folks burst out onto the streets before a single shot has been fired. Sometimes I suspect this is more a consequence of trying to relive or resurrect or be a part of a once significant protest movement rather than a response to true injustice. For that reason I do know where I stand today.