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I know I'm spamming but this fits on many pages!

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I thought long and hard before posting This Link. I mean it's cheating isn't it? What does this have to do with most of the members here? Well, I decided wtf? I bet at some Danielle steele website there is someone making this post and so if others can cheat why can't we? This is a chance to have a voice. The top ten nominees of this poll will have 30/45 minute TV shows made about them/their book, before going on to a final vote, watched by est. 5 million + people, followed by another show about them/their book and a probable increase in new readers, if previous polls run by the bbc are anything to go by that increase could be 1 million +, this is a chance to turn a whole new group of people onto the words that turned you on. Isn't that a worthy reason to cheat? Should we be selfish and let the words we loved die with us or should we share them with the world?

If you choose to vote in the poll please let us know (below) who you picked and why.

Together we can make our voices heard and let the world know something worth knowing.