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Not just for Goths.

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Ms Brite is an extremely talented writer. I would recommend all her work, although I started off on 'Lost Souls,'which is her tamest work and contains some truely delightful and quirky characters. She writes Homoerotic Horror, and both Lost Souls, and Drawing Blood involve Vampires, whereas exquisite corpse deals with two homosexual serial killers who fall in love. If you are shocked or disgusted by strong sexual description(particularly gay) or violence I would probably suggest you keep away, but it's not a gross as it sounds whenyou read it! She deals with death in an interesting way and manages to make the act of mutilation strangely sensuous. All her main characters tend to be alternative arty types, mainly musicians writers and comic book artists. She is not dissimilar in style to Dennis Cooper and she has described herself as a gay man trapped in a womans body - this comes which is pretty evident in her work as most of her characters are (very actively) gay.
Personally I love her, and a I would urge you all to read her, if only for her beautiful use of language. If you have a taste for subversive culture then really you have no excuse not to, but if you're squeamish or easily offended, you may wish to avoid!