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Numerous literary types, usually beatniks, have voiced their detestation of Vineland and Pynchon in general, and though I am not a worshipper of Pynchon, I wonder why there is such hostility there. I think it is because Pynchon is not an easy read, and also since he is not completely opposed to scientific rationality and democracy.

Liberal arts/humanities folks are indoctrinated by the professoriat, learn to hate modern science (after all Jack Kerouac himself failed chem), start to venerate the typical French existentialists, and Lacan and Derrida (tyrants of the obscure). Throw in some watered down Marx for good measure with a few dashes of multiculturalism and voila you got another clueless post modernist literateur. Logic is a tool of the oppressor, comrade!

It's like the english departments want to churn out armies of Sartres and de Beavoirs (or however you spell it) and all of our problems will be solved. Conjugate French verbs and you are a philosopher